Experiential Learning Management System (ELMS)

CORE ELMS (aka RXpreceptor) is a SaaS based ELMS (Experiential Learning Management System) for detailed student, site, and supervisor management, externship scheduling, evaluations, timesheets, competency tracking, student and site requirements, communication tools and more.

- Externship Scheduling (w/Lottery System)
- Site Research Center & Selections w/Preference
- Evaluations
- Time Tracking
- Student & Site Requirements
- Competency Tracking
- Messaging Center
- 25+ Experiential Modules

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Competency Management System (CompMS)

CORE CompMS (aka RXoutcome) is a SaaS CompMS (Competency Management System) for detailed competency documentation and assessment from multiple observers, rubric management, curricular gap analysis via curriculum mapping features, and course evaluations.

- Competency/Outcome Library Management
- Competency Assessment
- Reflections, Scoring, Artifact Attachment
- Rubric Management
- Competency Progression Reporting
- Curricular Mapping
- GAP Analysis Reporting
- Course Evaluations

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